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Skip to main content. When you’re at school, you have the right to be treated fairly and with respect by other students and all school employees, including teachers, the principal, custodians, and bus drivers. You have the right to be free from bias, harassment and discrimination; to feel comfortable; and, most importantly, you have the right to be yourself! At times, school can be rough for any student, but it can be even harder for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning youth, or those perceived as LGBTQ. We’re lucky to live in California, where laws are among the most progressive in the country and many groups exist to actively support LGBTQ youth. Unfortunately, these laws often only cover public or charter schools, not private or religious schools. But sometimes the laws protect students in non-religious private schools as well. Knowing your rights is the first step in making sure you’re treated equally, and youth across the state are taking steps to uphold their rights and be themselves. This guide will show you what the law says about your rights in school, allowing you and your friends to take the lead in making the future of LGBTQ students as bright and fair as possible. Bullying, physical threats, hate-graffiti or name-calling of LGBTQ students is harassment, and is no joke.

30 Bisexual Women Discuss Their Long-Term Relationships With Men

By Jacey Fortin. On social media, memes — often featuring urgent instructions or dystopian graphics — have become efficient vectors of bad advice about how to fight the coronavirus, and health care professionals are working to stop the spread of misinformation. One meme, misstating the benefits of gargling salty water, shows the virus as a cluster of green burrs infecting the throat of a glowing blue man. One series of posts with bad advice — including claims that sunshine could kill the virus and that ice cream should be avoided — tacked on the name UNICEF.

LABTF is one of first bi+ orgs in the nation to honor Celebrate Bisexuality Day His move to Southern California was highly influential to embracing queerness.

Are Bisexuals the Worst? When it came out, did you wonder where all of those supposed bisexuals were? The answer is that they are everywhere. This session will help PFLAG members see the individuals most often thought of as the invisible members of the LGBT community and strengthen participants’ capacity to be culturally competent allies to bisexual individuals. Alex Anders is an international bestselling author, founder of a bisexual meetup group in Los Angeles, and host of the popular YouTube channel, Bisexual Real Talk.

Additionally, in , Alex Anders created the first bisexual-focused YouTube channel getting millions of views. And in , he co-founded Fluid Style Co, a clothing company creating fashions for bisexuals. She has been presenting at numerous state and local levels to influence competency in training clinicians to work with LGBT Clients, and specifically with Bi Clients and Sexual Fluidity.

Mary also maintains a small private practice in Venice, CA working with couples and adults, frequently addressing sexuality and identity concerns. She provides supervision for a doctoral candidate annually for the Los Angeles GLBT Center and speaks routinely to media about the topics of relationships and sexuality, Transgender identities, and substance abuse. Yes, sign me up. Skip to main content.

Lesbian Dating in California

Online dating as the mainstream way to meet your partner isn’t even news anymore. Nowadays, it’s more shocking to say “We met at a bar” than ” We met on Hinge. According to this GQ article about Bumble , your chances of finding love on a night out in London are three in one million.

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It is independent of the university administration. Some accounts in this story contain graphic content and explicit language. Year after year, for more than 20 years, young men who entered the USC student health center were sent to Dr. Dennis Kelly. Once the exam room door closed behind them, say 48 former patients who are gay or bisexual, Kelly subjected them to sexual abuse, such as fondling their genitals or making them kneel naked on the exam table for rectal probes.

The men — all USC students at the time — were as young as 18, often struggling to accept their sexuality or uncomfortable discussing their sex lives. At least five men say they complained to the university — far more than the single instance that has been previously reported — including one who described meeting face-to-face with the director of the health center specifically to warn her about Kelly. Fifty former patients are now suing USC and Kelly, who has maintained that he always treated patients appropriately.

USC is already reeling from multiple high-profile scandals, including the nationwide admissions scam in which wealthy and high-profile parents were accused of paying bribes and committing fraud to get their children admitted. Now, the claims that USC was repeatedly warned about Kelly raise sharp questions about how the university investigated threats to its students’ well-being, and whether it has done more to protect its own reputation than the safety of its community members.

At the very same student health center where Kelly worked, USC had received numerous complaints of sexual misconduct with patients by the gynecologist George Tyndall — yet the university let Tyndall resign in with a payout and without alerting law enforcement or state medical authorities. Tyndall has been criminally charged with multiple felonies; he has pleaded not guilty. One man said a USC official told him the incident occurred too long ago to determine what had happened. Only then, he said, did the university reach out and acknowledge his complaint.

Gay Dating in California

NCBI Bookshelf. To understand the context of a person’s life course, it is critical to understand the age cohort to which that individual belongs. Youth growing up today will see changes that earlier generations of lesbians and gay men would never have expected in their lifetimes, including politicians, business leaders, and educators who are openly gay; marriage between same-sex couples; and an evolving popular and artistic culture that provides many positive portrayals of lesbian and gay characters in movies and plays, on television, and in literature.

Today’s youth are able to use the Internet to retrieve online information about LGBT issues, providing social networking opportunities and access to knowledge in a way that was not available to older cohorts.

“Bi+ Intimacy: Understanding the Sex and Love Lives of Bisexual, Pansexual, and Jun 7th (pls note date change) SoCal LGBTQIA Health Conference.

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48 male patients say campus doctor sexually abused them — and USC was warned

Now, a decade after Grindr first launched in the App Store, it has an left an indelible mark on the gay and bisexual community. Countless gay men have met their life partners, formed relationships, met friends, and traveled the world with the support of gay family thanks to the queer digital space created by Grindr and the many apps it inspired.

Historically, Grindr was the first iPhone app to combine dating — and sex — with geolocation, birthing a genre that today includes favorites like Tinder and Bumble, which are popular with the larger heterosexual user base. And yet, a decade after its launch, Grindr is ranked highest among apps for making its users unhappy. According to the Center for Humane Technology, data from , iPhone users found that 77 percent of Grindr users who use the app more than one hour per day said doing so made them unhappy.

Longer daily use of those apps also correlated to greater levels of unhappiness.

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Guide to the Orange County Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Timeline Research Files MS.R.105

Join the ranks or attend a performance. Theatre Out presents works by gay and lesbian playwrights, as well as pieces about the gay and lesbian community, and strives to explore both the classics that shaped our history and the new works that are continuing to form, examine and reshape our culture. Theatre Out is passionate about telling the stories of the LGBTQQ community with romantic comedies, intriguing musicals, thrilling mysteries, serious dramas and everything in between.

We offer all levels of play ranging from beginner to advanced skill set. Surf and Sand has been providing friendly competition to the Orange County and Long Beach area for over 30 years. Each league is an United States Bowling Congress sanctioned handicapped league that bowls 3 sessions per year.

The current outbreak in Southern California is the second in the area in recent history. to date there have been 27 cases reported in Southern California. in addition to educating providers who treat gay and bisexual men.

The social event is part of three days of programming around Bi Visibility Day, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, which takes place on Sunday, September 23, They heard of our event and that it inspired them. One of my hopes is that people in other cities and countries will start hosting these kinds of celebrations as well, bringing our bi community together in a spirit of joy.

I think our movement is ready to. Across the world, events around Bi Visibility Day have tended to be very grassroots affairs, such as community art festivals and talent shows, noted Lawrence-Tourinho. That promise brings out a diverse crowd from all walks of life. Last year, more than twice as many people attended as they anticipated. And so Bi Pride is going to be a bigger and better.

There will also be some organizations with tables. Expect a lot of games and giveaways. Bi Pride: Mike Szymanski. Los Angeles Blade talked to attendees about the importance of bi pride and the challenges they face as a bisexual. And the pansexual label makes it even more complicated.