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2020 World Rally Championship

The FIA is one of the largest motorsport governing boards in the world. Founded in , the FIA is over years old. The three letters stand for Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, which, loosely translated, means The International Automotive Federation. To date, the FIA oversees more than 30 championships, from junior karts to drag racing, the WRC, hill-climbs for historic cars, and its most famous, Formula One.

Also known as a safety foundation, FIA sets standards and creates certifications that demand thorough and intense testing for qualification. So what exactly does all of this mean for you when purchasing an FIA-certified product such as a seat or helmet?

FIA FORMULA E finale BERLIN ePRIX Rds 8 and 9 photos The ambient light of the new SEAT Leon allows the intensity and tone of the most popular attraction as well as up-to-date pictures, it covers everything from.

FIA regulations for harnesses have changed for This has meant that many of the harness manufacturers have changed their products for the season. The new homologation requires greater g-load testing and new features which will make race harnesses even safer. Therefore there is no need to purchase a new harness until your old one has run out of life.

The FIA have brought in new standards to improve safety for drivers in the event of a sudden impact. This change has been brought about because cars are able to survive larger impacts due to new safety requirements brought in since when the regulations were last updated. This means that the driver has a much greater chance of survivability in the event of a sudden impact. The 2″ lap strap is more comfortable as it sits on the drivers hips better. It also causes less bruising in the event of a crash.

The smaller lap strap means that the belt can be worn tighter as well, this not only aids comfort but also improves safety should a crash occur. An added benefit is that the 2″ lap straps can be much easier to tighten when seating a driver in the car.

Ferrari signs the 2021-2025 Concorde Agreement

Log in. Supplying motorsport seats for over 50 years, Corbeau are the original Motorsport seat manufacturer and the first to acquire FIA homologation, Corbeau are focused on safety, quality and driver comfort. Corbeau heritage and Motorsport pedigree for your road car. Our full range offers a safe, comfortable and stylish replacement for your OEM seats.

With belts it’s pretty obvious as when the expiry date is up then you can’t use them for competition anymore but what is the current spec that is.

For over 40 years Cobra Seats has been manufacturing exclusively in the United Kingdom, earning a reputation that unites innovative technology, quality of design and functional elegance. Drop us a line or come and have a chat with one of our distributors, we are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Just 24 hours after qualifying and the conditions for the first BTCC race of the day conspired to put doubts into the mind of even the most experienced drivers.

Sitting on the front of the grid, Colin Turkington acknowledged that the fast drying track was far from ideal for him — his rear wheel drive BMW may be great in the wet and very, very good in the dry, but really struggles when the circuit is somewhere in between the two. It’s a reputation built on passion.

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Fake FIA Harnesses

The rushing around, getting back into a routine So, far from increasing our anxiety level, commutes to the office or back home are the perfect time to calm your nerves, stop the cruise control of your mind and focus all your efforts on driving. With mindfulness. Commutes to the office or back home are the perfect time to calm your nerves and focus all your efforts on driving Full attention.

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The standards for racewear are changing. Motorsports governing body, the FIA, have recently revealed a brand-new homologation for all forms of racewear, known as FIA As with any new homologation that is released, there will be improvements over previous older specification racewear. So, we will highlight these various improvements, as well as what it all means for you below. The first thing that you need to know is that there is absolutely no need to panic.

In fact, you may not even need to update your racewear for another few years. As is always the case with the release of a new homologation, there are certain dates that you will need to be aware of.

Buyer’s Guide: Racing Harnesses and Belts

Another Formula 1 race, another dominating performance from Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. Here’s some of what you may have missed from round 6 of the championship from Barcelona:. Hamilton led from start to finish and managed a clean two-stop pit strategy to an easy Mercedes ‘ Valtteri Bottas was third, The win was the 88th of Hamilton’s F1 career, just three shy of the all-time record held by Michael Schumacher.

Maserati MC12 at Spa for the Fifth Round of the FIA GT1 World the driver’s seat will fully bear the colors of the Belgian flag as Bert Longin will.

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I’d been very happy with the fit of the Daytona in the car and since it wasn’t a new build, I wanted to stay with a similar seat to ensure it would fit in the car without modification. None of the local shops near me stock MOMO.

Schroth Porsche GT3 Profi II Belt 2022 FIA DATE

Ten months ago, Roger Penske stood in the upper reaches of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and marveled at its sheer enormity. Your eyes can drift over the looming Pagoda and the scoring pylon that casts a shadow nearly as long as its new owner. Gasoline Alley, the rolling mounds of the golf course interior, the quarter-mile dirt track and the FIA Grade-1 road course that once hosted Formula 1.

And in no other year is that more important — and supremely difficult — than First, there was planning to host a crowd the size of the population of Iceland. Then it had to be similar to the size of South Bend, Ind.

but says ‘too early’ to discuss driver line-up · News. Hulkenberg interested in Alfa Romeo seat for as he plots full-time return to F1.

Ph: 03 E: info aasa. It has come to the attention of the AASA that there are a significant number of fake harnesses for sale on eBay and other on-line stores. Most of these harnesses are marketed as being well-known brands, such as Sparco, Takata or Sabelt, but others may also exist. The harnesses appear genuine, but are copies made by unapproved manufacturers. These copies have not been tested, are frequently made from inferior materials, and are likely to fail at substantially lower speeds than the genuine belts.

There must be a dot between the homologation number and the T or B and a forward slash to the If there are missing spaces, dashes or points, it is a fake. Most of the dodgy numbers are D and D homologations. Where the upper harness is used in multiple configurations 4, 5 or 6-strap it will have three different homologation numbers, one for each of B, C and D.

If you have bought one of these belts, try to return it to the eBay supplier. They are, whether knowingly or not, committing fraud and can face legal action. Should someone be killed or injured by the failure of one of these belts the likelihood of jail for the seller is high, not to mention the potential for litigation. These are not isolated cases.

AASA has notified eBay about several of the belts, but the scope of the problem is enormous.

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Racing harnesses may seem like just an obligatory safety measure, but their configuration, design, and ease of use can also have big impact on both your comfort in the car as well as your ability to quickly and easily get belted in before races and during driver changes in endurance events. Without further ado, let’s dive in:. Before you start to consider configuration and design options, it’s obviously very important that you make sure the harness you get complies with the safety standards for the sanctioning body you plan to race with.

While SFI and FIA standards are widely accepted and are sometimes interchangeable by sanctioning body rules , some harnesses carry certification for one but not the other. Keep in mind that the certification level is also important. Tags stating the certification level are usually affixed to the harnesses themselves.

All FIA spec harnesses made since the start of (expiry dates or later) must have a transparent FIA hologram sewn onto at least one.

Original Poster. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 FIA Seat Dates? With belts it’s pretty obvious as when the expiry date is up then you can’t use them for competition anymore but what is the current spec that is allowed for seats? Is the spec still allowed, and for how much longer etc? Depends what it is for – rallying no, anything bigger than clubman circuit racing probably not, club racing in the UK then yes!

Spec is FIA – Would be for rallying yes. So what is the current spec?

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Both World Champions use the Tillett P1 rib protector. Sustained results over many years conclusively prove that Tillett products are used to win at the very highest level of karting. The developments made in our composites to improve strength, reduce weight and control rigidity for racing, are now also being used in many other products, manufactured for a wide range of customers.

as title.. I need either one or a pair of bucket seats for my drifter daily mx5. It currently has some pretty cool seats with speakers in the.

Review a list of closed test centers here. Contact your testing center via the phone number listed in your registration for questions about their operating hours and policies. As the FISD team is working remotely, plaques are not being shipped at this time. Click for details. Candidates have up to 2 hours 40 minutes to complete the exam. Test centers are located in convenient locations in most major cities globally. No test dates available in your area? Contact Hope Wilkes.

Test takers should save all confirmation emails.